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Frequently asked Questions about Anbuta Plus
1.Q. What is meant by homeopathic medicine?

Homeopathy is that branch of medical science which works on the principle of "Similia similibus curenter" meaning 'similar cures similar' i.e. 'iron cuts iron".  Homeopathy was founded by a German doctor about 20 years ago. It is widely practiced all over the world as alternative medicine.

2.Q. Is Anbuta Plus Safe?

All homeopathic medicines are highly diluted with distilled water or alcohol, so that inactive ingredients of the drug are not traceable. All known homeopathic medicines are known to be safe and so is Anbuta Plus. The product has no known toxicity.

3.Q. Why does one strike the bottle before taking MODULATORS?

Striking the bottle is known as dynamization or succussion. The process activates the speed of molecules and movement of cells in the body upon intake. The effect of succussion lasts for one hour.

4.Q. Who can take MODULATORS?

Anybody with compromised immune system or lowered immune response, including those due to suppression by HIV/AIDS and Cancer can take Anbuta Plus.

5.Q. For how long does one need to take MODULATORS?

Upon prescription, as advised by the doctor.

6.Q. How does Anbuta Plus taste?

Anbuta Plus tastes like water because it is highly diluted with purified water.

7.Q. Can Anbuta Plus be taken with my other medication?

Yes, Anbuta Plus can be taken with any other medication, including Anti Retroviral Therapy (ARV).

8.Q. How should you ensure genuineness of Anbuta Plus bottle?

Do not buy if the seal is tampered with.

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